Welcome to [Badly.Network]

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the place that will one day be Badly.Network. As you can see, right now we don't have anything going on here. The focus during this stage of building the Badly Network, is getting our contributors individual sites active, before returning to the central hub. However, if you want to book mark this page, everytime a new contributor's site goes live, I will be posting a link to it here.

Please feel free to check back regularly to keep a keen eye on our progress, and find out when new sites go live!

[Badly.Network] Sitelist

Let Us Play is a video games news and articles website by Andy Frogman: The Priest of Gamers. Andy posts new updates most days of the week! Just recently QueenQeeko Badly Network artist, QueenQeeko has also started to write an unboxing series on the monthly Arcade Block!

Sanctum Arcadia covers both anime and video game reviews by our resident mage Drenik. Drenik updates once per week at the moment, reviewing anime in two parts, and on the off weeks reviewing video games. Between updates, you can also catch him live streaming through Twitch!