You’ve Got Mail! June 2016 Arcade Block Unboxing

Hello and thanks for dropping in for this unboxing review of the June Arcade Block!

It’s been a few months since I’ve done an unboxing, and for my return to these reviews, I have to tell you, this is possibly the best Arcade Block I’ve ever received, probably in the whole years’ time I’ve been subscribed to the service. Every block I get I mentally separate the items by personal categories immediately, like Useful Items, things that are not just nerdy game stuff but also serve a function like notepads or kitchen clothes, Wearable Items which always includes the block’s included shirt and sometimes hats or wristbands, Listening Material, Cool Décor and then Shelf Clutterers. Part of the reason for this is it’s another way for me to gauge whether I feel I’m receiving my money’s worth as well as not ending up with a bunch of uninteresting stuff to just give away.

I think this is the first block where I actively want to find a place and home for every single item.

This Month’s T-Shirt


To start with, the exclusive shirt provided by Shirt Punch, is a Five Nights At Freddy’s shirt featuring a scary as hell print of Chica with the text LET’S EAT on the front. I don’t usually find shirts creepy but this garment had me saying “holy crap…” with horror for several minutes. It’s a thing of beauty. Terrible, terrifying beauty… I think Andy will enjoy this shirt even more than me, only I’ll jump every time I see the damned thing.

This Month’s Loot


Now, some of those Useful Items I mentioned, there are THREE in this box, and all high quality, official merch too. I’ll start with the newest addition to our Zelda shrine in our office. We already have one beautiful Legend of Zelda journal, but this one shines in its own way, with gorgeous gold print on the cover and the front inside cover, a stunning map on the back inside cover, and of course the Hylian crest on every page. It’s an item I could very easily see myself using in my everyday life. But. Well. SHRINE.


Then into the kitchen goes the other two items, starting with a Super Mario Bros themed ice cube tray. Well, the picky part of me refuses to acknowledge the “cube” part of that name, except maybe the ? Block, but still, icey Mario pixel art shapes to go into drinks! It’s kinda awesome. Totally going to fill up the ice drawer in my freezer with these things. XD


And the other kitchen bound item is a Street Fighter Sushi for 1 set, most likely of which will be getting used by Andy as this is downright perfect for him. It’s a three piece set including a printed pattern plate, a sauce bowl and a pair of wooden chopsticks. In my opinion, there could have been a tad more variety in the character art on the plate, rather than just the same three characters of Ryu, Chun Li and Dhalsim repeated over and over again, but ultimately it doesn’t actually matter. The set appears to be well made and functional, while bearing a silly gaming theme.


Moving on though to something that really made me light up. I love stickers. Decent quality, vinyl stickers are great, and I have more than I know what to do with. So when I saw the pack of 4 Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary collectors edition stickers. Now I mean, Sonic has had hits and misses over the last ten years of that 25 year career, but I still love the character and the franchise as a whole, and while it was well made, the Sonic drinking cup that came out a few blocks back is not nearly as exciting as these stickers that I can now put anywhere I dang well like. They are of course one each of the classic trio, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. Then the Sonic 25th Anniversary logo. I’m just unnaturally happy with this set.


The last item in the box is one of many artworks I’ve received in these blocks, often with varying degrees of flat to bulky wall art, and this one is of the flat variety. It’s a print, a drawing of Mario from the game Donkey Kong holding a hammer and looking off into the shadowy distance. It’s really cool, nicely drawn and has pretty good contrast, one that I’d like to actually frame and hang on my wall. However, during shipping the print got some small scratches and gouges in it because of the other heavier items all with corners. For things like this, the folks packing the Blocks should really consider placing prints into a cardboard slip of some kind, even a thin one to protect the surfaces, because it’s a shame to pull something awesome out of the box and find it already damaged.

Oh and finally, Nerd Block have started including $10 gift credit for Shirt Punch in every block sent out. Neat!

Quality Gear?


As with every mystery box of goodies it’s impossible to please everyone with every item included, so in general the idea is to appeal as broadly as possible to the larger pool of fans, and with a video game centric box like Arcade Block it’s already narrowed itself down in one aspect significantly. The June box I feel has done the best job so far appealing to my particular tastes, both in the types of content and the franchises they hail from, but even then, the sheer quality of the included products and the forethought in their uses has just really impressed me.

That’s it for this box! Thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time for the July Block!

  • This has to be one of the best Arcade Blocks we’ve ever had. We’ve had a few other really good ones, but despite having good content that have made me say “wow”, they’ve not necessarily been things that we have a use for. We’ve had a couple of sets of alt and pepper shakers, mugs, key rings, and I’m always happy when we get new Zelda related goodies, but this particular box had good useful items, from franchises I like.

    Yeah, I’m giving this one a Triforce out of Ten.