I should never be allowed to manage money…

Hey there Brothers and Sisters welcome back to the Frog Blog, where today, I went and did a bad. Last week I posted about the Mythical Pokémon Collection: Arceus box, and mentioned at the time that I had put a preorder down on the 20th Anniversary “Generations” Elite Trainer pack. I was under the impression that the Elite Trainer Pack wasn’t supposed to be released until this coming weekend, but it was actually released today nearly a whole week early. I received a text message from Qeeko telling me that when she got home from work we’d be going to pick up the preorder, and that they had a spare one. Sweet! That’s $200 but, in my opinion, it’s worth it.

Yeah… but of course that wasn’t all I bought…


So that was two Generations Elite Trainer Boxes, One Fates Collide Elite Trainer Box, Bulbasaur and Charmander plushies and a Five Nights at Freddy’s blind box. What was originally going to be a single $100 Elite trainer box, very quickly turned onto a lot more. Oops…

Still no regrets, though it sounds like a lot, I think the Elite Trainer boxes are excellent value for money, you get a lot of good stuff in them! If you want what you can find in an Elite Trainer Box, you can read my breakdown of the Steam Siege Box here.

Not only that but I have been extremely lucky today. I can feel Arceus smiling down on me. From my card pulls to the blind box, I’ve been pulling aces!

Pokémon Elite Trainer Boxes!

20161004-001Of the boxes in the picture, the Fates Collide and and one of the Generations Elite Trainer Boxes are mine, while the other Generations box is Qeeko’s. I’ve seen the set list for Generations and Fates Collide, and there are a few cards I was hoping to pick up, and some others that I thought would be cool to own. It seems to be true that Elite Trainer boxes have a higher rate of pulling EX, Mega Evolutions and full art ultra rares than a booster box, so i dared to hope for some good cards, and boy did I get them!

Either I ended up with some really useful cards for my decks, or the less useful cards were really rare!

I’m going to be producing articles on the two boxes that I opened today, but they are going to be a little bit different from what I’ve done so far. I’m still trying to find my footing for Random Receiver, and how I want to approach talking about the cards that I get in the various packs. My current thoughts though, is the way I’ve been doing them, is way too long. I wanted to keep the Mythical Pokémon Collection: Arceus unboxing under 1500 words, after all it was only two boosters, but I had to call it at 1680.

I think in future when I am dealing with a lot of boosters in one set, I really need to limit myself to the best pulls I receive, and go into more detail when I’m opening one or two boosters, like the Arceus set. I’m also thinking that when a new set comes out, I could do an overview of the cardset as a whole, talk about some of the interesting commons and uncommons, and then focus heavily on the better cards int he set and the ultra rares. It may be a tad late for me to be doing that with the Generations set, but at some point in the next few weeks I’m going to give it a shot, just to see what I can do. Test the water, as it were.

However, if you are interested in the cards I pulled in the two Elite Trainer boxes, then keep an eye on this space!

Pokémon Plushies

20160926-004The Bulbasaur and Charmander plushies were a bit of an impulse buy. I am a huge fan of Grass-Type Pokémon, and I have been looking for a good Bulbasaur for a long time, and when I saw this one, I was overjoyed. These plushies are Pokémon Center exclusives from what I can tell based on the tag, so how they ended up in our local EB… in Australia… I have no idea. Not that I am in any way complaining. Like I said, I’ve been looking for a Bulbasaur for some time, and this is fantastic!

I will still be on the look out of a life size Bulbasaur, or one more similar in scale to my larger Chespin, but this Bulbasaur is the right scale for my smaller Chespin. I also noticed that there was a Snivy in store, but with everything else I’d bought, I simply couldn’t justify it.

Five Nights At Freddy’s Loot!

20160926-002I am a big fan of Five nights at Freddy’s, I’ve quite possibly talked about it before, though sadly I spoiled myself pretty hard on the first four games, watching Markiplier play them, and Matt Pat theorise on them, and I got very engrossed in the lore, despite never actually playing the games. I am hoping to get Sister Location and play that through myself though. Of all the animatronics, my favourite is Springtrap.

For those unaware of the franchise, let me explain. Springtrap is a term given to this particular type of animatronic suit. It works as both a wearable costume for employees to wear, but can also be set up to function as an animatronic on the stage. These suits were discontinued however, because of a malfucntion that caused the animatronic parts, to lock back into place, even when there was someone still inside the suit, if they got wet, mangling the person wearing it. inside this spring trap is the corpse of the Purple Guy, a creep and child murderer, who was tormented by the ghosts of his victims before climbing inside the Springtrap suit, and it locking him in, killing him in the process. Many years later, people whowanted to creat a spooky museum of the Freddy Fasbear legacy, uncover the room that had been boarded up, containing the Springtrap suit and the corpse of Purple Guy still inside, and it’s time for revenge.

Springtrap ticks every box on the horror villain checklist. Amoral, child murdering sociopath, overbearing and imposing stature and weathered appearance, solo antagonist and entirely unkillable. Jason Voorhees. Michael Mayers. Springtrap.

I had no idea that these figures even existed until we received one in the most recent Arcade Block. Normally I don’t really go for the blind boxes, though, when I do get them, I usually have pretty good luck, I don’t think I’ve ever opened one that I was disappointed with. None the less, most of the time there’s only a couple in the set that I’m particularly interested in, and I don’t want to push my luck. However, with the FNAF set, as far as I was concerned there was no losing, only various levels of win, and my main aim was to get Springtrap. So on a whim I bought a box today, and wouldn’t you know it, first one I buy is Springtrap!

With the kind of luck I’ve been having with these blind boxes, I’m somewhat inclined to pick up a Best of Bethesda Mystery Box on the off chance I get DOOM Guy or the Revenant Demon. It could happen.

Either way, both Toy Bonnie and Springtrap have found a home among my growing collection of desk clutter!

The rest of the junk!


From left to right, top row:

  • Resident Evil 20th Anniversary statuette: Nemesis
  • Super Mario “? Block” mint tin
  • Mini Steve in Mincart from Minecraft
  • Morphball Stress Ball
  • Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Special Edition Treasure Chest
  • (Behind) NES Controler mint tin
  • Kingdom Keyblade
  • Atari Joystick Stress “ball”
  • (Front) Mini Assassin’s Creed Unity figure: Arno Dorian
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s Spring Trap and Toy Bonnie
  • (Back) Aperture Science Automatic Turret “Picknick” Edition
  • Just Cause 3 Grapple Hook Business Card Holder

Bottom row:

  • Megaman Helmet
  • Classic Arcade Pacman mint tin
  • Retrolink Classic SNES USB controler
  • Xbox 360 Controler
  • Classic Arcade Space Invaders mint tin
  • Borderlands “Psycho” Pop! Figure

And in case anyone is wondering, the thing at the very bottom is a keyboard.

Just taking another look at all the collectables that I have here, I’m amazed at how many of these were actually from blind boxes, or random pieces from the Arcade Block, that turned out to be things that I really liked. The Borderlands Psycho for example, I REALLY dislike Pop! Figures, and I have never understood their popularity, and yet this was one of the few that I actually liked and even considered buying. Then I got it in my Arcade Block. To be fair I think I would have enjoyed the Megaman helmet no matter what colour we recieved, but we just so happened to get the actual Megaman blue one.

I also have a Sci-Fi Series Mystery Mini of the Predator from Predator 2 (not pictured), and it’s the very rare blood splatter variant. I bought that blind box hoping to get a Xenomorph, but I’m not going to turn my nose up at a rare variant of Predator! That said, there was only one mini in that set that I would have been disappointed with, and that was ET.

The frustrating thing about these minis, is it seems the ones that I want are also the ones everyone else wants. So most of the time when I look on ebay, I can find everything but the DOOM Guy, the Xenomorph, etc. So I’m just as likely to find the one I’m looking for in a random box, than I am buying the one I’m specifically looking for online.

And Finally…

Well it looks like it’s time for me to wrap this up, I’m already clocking in at 1600 words, and I was hoping to have this finished in under 1500. But I’ve had a lot to talk about. Today has been a good, but expensive day, and I have no regrets. I almost had regrets because of a weird dream I had last night, but weird dreams are best for another blog.

Until next time brothers and sisters,

Peace and High Scores!