You’ve Got Mail: August 2016 Arcade Block Unboxing

Hello everyone and welcome back for the August Arcade Block unboxing. I understand that it’s uh, late September now… Sorry about that. Let’s just say that Life happened at me a bit.

And as Life happens at us and around us it can be easy to forget you’re even supposed to be receiving a mystery box of game related nerd swag at the beginning of every month (for the last month… Postage to Australia outs things out kinda late), and it took me another 4 days to even pick up my Block from the post office after it had initially arrived. I admit, by then, I wasn’t particularly excited or even curious anymore. It was a box of stuff, whatever.

Excitement was something that soon returned once I got a good look into the box. Usually you can expect 4-5 items plus a shirt, and this time I got 4 things, but this is entirely understandable, there’s some seriously cool and quality stuff in here.

This Month’s T-Shirt

ygm-201608-002Link To The Future: Let’s start by getting the exclusive shirt from Shirt Punch out of the way, and it’s $10 additional shirt credit for the site. We’re slowly building up a decent collection of blue shirts in this domicile, and now we have one more. And it’s a pretty great shirt too. [Wouldn’t mind a few other colours though… – Andy]

It’s a Legend of Zelda shirt and it took me a little while to click with this one; it’s the symbol of the Sheikah which is usually found on things like Impa’s armour and robes, the Lens of Truth and on Gossip Stones, but why is it glowy yellow on blue? Well, Andy pointed out at this is specifically the symbol on the Sheikah Slate for the upcoming Zelda title Breath of the Wild. Ooohhhh suddenly it makes more sense, what with the glowiness and all the other details on here. Were it me though, I probably would have made it a black shirt with blue and green lines. Or is that too much like TRON?

And of course, that card of $10 credit for Shirt Punch doubles as another puzzle piece.

This Month’s Loot

ygm-201608-004Five Nights at Freddy’s Mystery Mini: We’ve received a few of these Mystery Minis now and of all plastic collectible figures produced by Funko, I definitely prefer the Mystery Minis over the Pop! Figures. Even when it’s a game series I’m not especially interested in, the Mystery Minis are just have a more attractive style and sculpt in general and take up a lot less room. So when I DO get a figurine that’s from a franchise that I’m very interested in then it feels worth it to let them clutter up my home… terrifyingly sitting on my desk… staring at me…

Please don’t kill me Bonnie!

No really, look at this pint-sized pizzeria playmate. Chibi Toy Bonnie from FNAF2 might seem cute and harmless but there is most definitely a sinister intent in his/her/its empty little gaze. Now the sculpt itself is great, however whoever assembled the thing did a shoddy job, as Toy Bonnie’s left ear is has clearly been broken once and then forcefully glued back in, but an excess of glue has also been smeared up the back of the figure’s head, leaving a noticeable fingerprint. Slightly disappointing, considering it’s otherwise such a nice looking little ball of nightmares.

On second thought, let’s put it on Andy’s desk…

ygm-201608-003Tetris Heat Change Mug: Aahhh now we’re talking. A while back in my subscription history we received a Starfox coffee mug in an Arcade Block and that one went to Andy because he’s a big StarFox fan.

I am claiming ownership of this one. Why? I play a pretty mean game of Tetris, and I’ve always loved those coffee mugs that change images on the outside depending upon the hot or cold things on the inside. This mug features Tetris bricks falling down a single player space mid game, with score and everything. Fill that mug right up with a tasty hot beverage and we get to watch more bricks appear, and can see that a TETRIS clearance is about to take place. Scooooorrree. Now I drink a lot of coffee, partially out of necessity but also just because I really enjoy it. And not only do I love Useful Items but I think you can’t have too many awesome mugs.

Although… as I drink my coffee and my mug cools down, does that mean my score goes down too? Oh dear.

ygm-201608-005K’Nex Super Mario Blind Bag: There isn’t really a lot I want to say about the K’Nex Super Mario blind bag figurine that’s clearly been thrown in this time to build item numbers. And honestly there isn’t anything wrong with that; Mario is a huge Nintendo IP and there are plenty of folks out there whom are collecting these random little figurines and anything freely added to that collection is a plus.

Me? I’ve got three of these things now and I didn’t buy any of them.

I have a Donkey Kong and a Luigi and they all fit the K’Nex Mario Kart set of buildable vehicles. Now I’ve got the Kitsune Luigi figurine from this Arcade Block, and yeah, he’s cute, and nicely sculpted and whatever, but reeeaaalllyyyyyy I don’t care for it that much. Now, being fair, there’s already some pretty good stuff in here and in monetary value I can’t really ask for or expect more. This is exactly the sort of thing to be included as padding to meet the minimum items supplied and it’s cheap and tiny so as to not make Nerd Block overshoot their budget, ignoring subscription cut off times. So it’s just sorta there, another little knickknack, perfectly fine, and truly isn’t any loss in my eyes.

ygm-201608-006RetroLink USB Classic Controller: Ohhhhh hoh hohh… now this. Thiiiis is exciting. Ignoring the silly little thing like the Super Mario blind bag, everything else has been high value interesting stuff, and varied for use too. Got clothing, got drinking vessel, got decorative figure, got a FANTASTIC USB gaming controller; specifically, a SNES controller!

I’ve seen these before, its dead right on size and shape and if we’re being realistic here, that is likely because it’s made from a mold cast from an original SNES controller, but either way, it’s beautiful. It feels familiar to hold, and looks nice, it has nice coloured plastic in the classic grey and sporting the purple buttons from North American edition of the console. The buttons feel good, although the shoulder buttons L and R do click a little loudly, especially the L button, but I think it’ll quieten in time or we’ll simply get used to it.

Without actually checking, I don’t know if I have any games that currently would make use of the SNES control set up and number of buttons, but presumably this would be perfect for playing SNES game ports and ROMS. That, and it’s just a sweet nostalgic accessory to have around that I CAN use to play games with and saves me having to go out and find one. Really, it just makes me so very happy.

Quality Gear?


The total value of this box is quite spectacular, especially since I’ve actually sat back and calculated how much I would have to spend to buy all of these items individually at my local gaming stores. A lot.

For a monthly subscription box priced to about $20-$25 USD, usually Arcade Block does its job delivering on that paid value. This box has completely blown that out of the water, and I am thankful and impressed. Easily one of my favourite boxes to date largely filled with things I’ll be using… plus more shirt credit! And I’m sure in the near future pictures of the Tetris in use will start appearing! Man, I really like this box.

Here’s hoping the September Block is just as cool. I’ll see you all here next time to find out with me!