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Hey there brothers and sisters welcome to another Frog Blog. I’m only making a brief update for you all regarding what’s happened over the weekend and a few days before that.

You may have noticed that part 2 of the Top Eight Changes I’d Like To See in a Rebooted Pokémon hasn’t been released yet. I did say in part one, that part two was already written, and I was only separating the article up because it was very long. While that was true, I ended up changing my mind about a few things that I had written, either I didn’t like the way I had said something, or I felt a section was too long. This resulted in the article being almost completely gutted, and I was unable to finish it on time for Thursday.

cnrcqgxwaaat7kzAny of my long time followers will know that I’m an insomniac, and I go through cycles of severe sleeplessness, and there’s really not a lot anyone can do about it. I’ve tried a lot of different methods, and I’m on the fence about whether magic will be worth the effort. I’ve even considered spending a few nights in a sleep lab, but because my insomnia comes and goes, and you have to book sleep labs ahead of time, I could end up wasting my money if I sleep just fine during those nights.

As I tried to work on the article’s rewrites on Thursday,  I felt the taletale exhaustion coming on, and over the weekend my sleep has been just awful. I’ve only been getting a few minutes at a time, for the past three days straight, with an estimated total sleep of around five or six hours across all three nights. Today being day four, has been the worst, where I’ve felt really out of it and I’ve had a terrible headache, that despite taking painkillers, doesn’t seem to want to go away. So I’ve just not had the brain capacity to finish the article. However, it is still coming. I just don’t want to struggle with it while I’m sleep deprived and release a half arsed article.

If you haven’t read part one, you can find it here.

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s my favourite time of year, well… int he Northern Hemisphere at least. Down here in Aus, it means that Summer is coming, and that sucks. Just try dressing in a full on horror costume, when it’s over 30°C at night. Not pleasant. None the less, I love Halloween, and to celebrate, I’m going to be slowly decorating the site leading up to the day itself.

I’ve already started with the return of the little sprited Zombie me!

And speaking of things that should have been left buried, Halloween articles! Previously on Badly.Productions I had posted a multitude of Halloween and horror themed articles over the past few years. Seeing as this is my first Halloween on the new site, I figured I would repost as many of those articles as I could to Let Us Play. However, seeing as some of them are pretty dated now, I’m not simply going to repost them exactly as they were, but touch them up for the new site.

So expect an influx of a lot of articles over the next month!

Oh… yeah…


I may have also bought another two of the Pokémon Generations Elite Trainer boxes…

Look, I don’t see this as a bad thing. An addiction maybe, but not necessarily a bad one. It seems pretty clear that purchasing Elite Trainer boxes is the way to go when it comes to buying Pokémon cards. So far every Elite Trainer box I’ve bought has yielded at least 5 Ultra-Rare cards, on top of that these boxes are the only way to get hold of Generations boosters, and there are a lot of great cards in this set. Of which I’ve pulled a good number of them. none the less, I’ll likely not buy any more of this set and instead will look for older Elite Trainer boxes, and wait on the next set, XY – Evolutions, the last in the XY series, and another 20th Anniversary set which will feature reprints of the very first set of Pokémon cards, redone and brought up to modern standards.

That set comes out November 2nd, and I’m really looking forward to it. May actually buy a booster box for that set.

As for articles however. I don’t think I’m going to keep writing them the way I have been.

I want to keep writing about Pokémon TCG, it’s somethign I’ve loved for a long time, I got in on the ground floor, and while I’m not interested in going pro, it’s something I really enjoy, and I think I’ve produced a few decently competitive decks. The problem is there’s always a lot to say about the g1_en_29cards, and I always feel like I’m writing too much. If I write an 8000 word article looking at an entire Elite Trainer box, I don’t think people will come back for the next one.  I’m looking into other ways of talking about Pokémon cards, and other ways to present the articles, and I’m even considering doing unboxing videos, either on YouTube or live through Twitch. No promises on that though, because it’s all up int he air.

I just don’t think unboxings are something that translates well to articles. Maybe it’ll work better as a blog like post, where I talk about cards I’ve pulled and my decks each week. Who knows.

Also this card to the right isn’t just for show, I actually pulled this baby! Go me!

And Finally…

I’ve decided that these blog posts will be going up on my Patreon page, along with the State of the Church articles. The Frog Blog, (actually; still a working title) has taken a lot of the smaller topics away from State of the Church, allowing me to keep people up to date with the smaller changes for articles and schedules, or like in this post; my personal well-being, leaving the State of the Church for major site related updates. That means State of the Church is going to be coming out a lot less frequently.

If you like the articles I write, and want to have your say on the things I talk about please feel free to leave a comment down below. I’d really like to get some feed back on my Pokémon TCG articles, what do you think about them, what could I change, what should stay the same, do you like them just the way they are? That sort of stuff. It’s all very welcome especially seeing as I really don’t know which direction to take that series. Noting that I don’t really do reviews, what other content would you like to see more of?

If you want to support the work I’m doing here, please think about supporting me on Patreon. Let Us Play is currently advert free, and we have no sponsors, so we are 100% funded out of pocket and by the support from our readers. Please consider dropping a couple of dollars each month, every little helps, and you will be contributing to a small enthusiast press website, and someone who genuinely cares about the games I talk about.

Thanks everyone,

Peace and High Scores!

  • If you do start streaming, you could focus on unboxing type sections during your talk show portion? That could work better than just a written piece.

    • Yeah, that’s basically what I’ve been thinking, though I’ll be honest I’ve been considering doing let’s plays on YouTube again recently. Though I would like to do it with two people in the room, so I have someone to bounce off of. Dunno, everything is still up in the air… :S