News: XSEED Reveal Story of Seasons 2: Trio of Towns Preorder bonus!

Just a short time ago XSEED, the localisation team for Story of Seasons: Trio Of Towns, the latest series in the Harvest Moon (classic) like farming simulator, revealed through their Twitter page, what bonus you’ll get for preordering the game from select retailers.

It’s this adorable little three and a half inch Capybara pocket plushie!


Where as in most farming sims, your character will be blessed with a pet cat or dog to run around your farm or help out by finding things, Story of Seasons 2 has gone for a rather unusual pet, and mascot for the game, a Capybara. Now, I’m not complaining, I LOVE capybaras, they are easily one one of my favourite animals. I just thought it a very peculiar choice, and wanted to share this!

Here are some in game shots of the resplendent rodent.

I can definitely say that I’m a fan of farming sims, though I’ve found Harvest Moon has kinda gone down hill in recent outings, focusing more on the story and adventuring than actual farm maintenance. Games like Stardew Valley, Story of Seasons and Rune Factory have replaced the once king of farm sims. While having a pet Capybara has certainly piqued my attention, and may have won me over in getting the game, I still don’t think I’ll be putting down a preorder.

Though the more I look at that adorable little plushie face, I feel myself being swayed by the cute thing.

So far a number of websites have talked about the Capy plush, no one has said for certain if it’s a world wide preorder bonus, or if it’s just for the US, I’ve requested some information from XSEED. So I’ll let you know when I do!

Peace and High Scores!