Eight Changes I’d Like To See In A Pokémon Reboot (part 2)

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Welcome back brothers and sisters to PixelEight and the long awaited part two of two updates for my “Eight Changes I’d Like To See In A Rebooted Pokémon Franchise”. This article is running a little bit late, so my apologies for that.

If you haven’t read part one already, I highly recommend that you check that one out too, as there are another four entries in this list. That said, the entries aren’t really in any particular order, so feel free to read them how you like.

Seeing as this is a part two I’m not going to waste too much time on the introduction, except to say, please remember this is just my opinion, these aren’t things that WILL happen, and you may disagree with the suggestions I’ve made. If you do be sure to put your own suggestions in the comments below.

Let’s do this!


A couple of weeks ago, we got confirmation from Pokémon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara, that in the future pokémon games would be appearing on Nintendo’s next console, codename: NX. Whether or not that means that the main series will be on that system or spin off titles remains to be seen, but for the sake of this entry, I’m going to assume it’s the former.

From what rumours we’ve been subjected to over the past year, the NX could be anything from a simple home console, to a home console/handheld hybrid, to a time travelling cure for cancer. What is pretty safe to say is if this does have a hand held element, then this will be the most powerful hand held ever made, with a rumoured Tegra X2 processor, bringing the system to near comparable with the PS4. This will allow of the revolutionising of multiplayter gaming, and take the Street Pass concept to a whole new level. What I would like to see is drop in/drop out local multiplayer, and seamless shared worlds.

The way I see it, you could be out and about, on a train taking a break in the city, whatever, and then it blinks up on your screen that someone nearby is also playing Pokémon, and it asks if you want to send an invite. If the invite is accepted, the two games are now linked, and the players are sharing the same world. This allows the players to work together to overcome challenges, fight in double battles, challenge each other, trade, and use special skills and items to help one another catch Pokémon.

If the games continue to be released in multiple versions, then rather than having to trade version exclusive Pokémon, you can instead encourage world sharing, by having the exclusive Pokémon from Red Version, for example, able to be caught when world sharing with with someone of a different version. Or as well as having different Pokémon available in the different game version, but maybe different FORMES of Pokémon in the different versions also. Maybe Voltorbs are red in the Red Version, blue in the Blue version, and Green in the Green Version… etc.

Speaking of…


(Pachirisu Variations ©2015-2016 Rainey)

This one is a huge deal for me. As much as I love the designs of most Pokémon, I’ve always felt like they could do more to make Pokémon seem more individual.

coxr6llvuaankb8In the trailers we’ve seen for Pokémon Sun and Moon, we’ve seen a number of Kanto Region Pokémon returning, but due the the vastly different environment of the Alola Region, these ‘mons have taken on whole new forms and Typing. Vulpix for example, once a Fire-Type fox, has adapted to living in one of Alola’s snowy peaks, and become an Ice-Type, and it’s appearance reflects that. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen multiple appearances for the same Pokémon. It was first used in Gen 4 with Shellos and Gastrodon, and carried into Gen 6 with Vivillon, who has TWENTY different appearances, depending upon where in Kalos they were caught.

I want more of this. A lot more!

I’m not saying that every Pokémon needs to be available in every type combination, that would be a bit ridiculous, and some Pokémon should stay the way they are, with just one Typing. Like Eevee’s though, I’d like to see more diverse evolution trees based on different ways Pokémon can evolve. Having multiple typing options means that the breed of Pokémon could determine the stats, and you decide which Type you want to focus on.

However, it doesn’t end with typing, just the physical appearance of Pokémon could have minimal to drastic changes in, depending upon where they are caught. Differences in form and base colour occurring from region to region and what type of habitat they are found in. Then there are lots of little details that could be randomised to make Pokémon seem more diverse, like real animals. Spinda for example has randomised spots over it’s body, if this could be implemented into the textures and patterning of other Pokémon, as well as slight shifting of the base colour and brightness of the Pokémon, this would greatly improve the variety of their appearance, making Pokémon like real animals and making your Pokémon seem like an individual. Just like the example of Rayquaza below by Deltheor:


There are also hundreds more examples of what I mean on this Poké Variants Tumblr page.

I really believe that these variations in patterns, colouring and typing, will make your Pokémon truly unique, and will create a closer bond between the Pokémon and the player. No longer will a Pokémon just be a Chandelure, it’ll be YOUR Chandelure.

With this kind of variety though, what would it mean to be a shiny Pokémon? Shiny is a fan term that became official, for what was originally just called “Differently coloured” Pokémon. That simply doesn’t apply anymore when the same breed of Pokémon can have multiple types and appearances. Instead I think the next incarnation of “Shiny” Pokémon should be incredibly rare variants, something vastly different than a simple colour change. What if they were literally that; metallic, pearlescent or glittering Pokémon, something like the Crystal Onyx from the Pokémon anime? However, these creatures would have to be RIDICULOUSLY rare, which is actually, exactly what I want!


(Xerneas “Correct Version” ©2013-2016 Dekus)

This is something that has bothered me a lot more than it really should have. Ever since Gen 3 there has been a serious escalation in the importance of the Legendary or Mythical Pokémon. At first the Legendary Birds seemed pretty cool and rare, then came Hooh and Lugia and the Legendary Beasts, again, just incredibly rare Pokémon, but by Generation three and onwards, you have the Guardians of the Land, Sea and Sky, the Lords of Time, Space and Gravity, and even Arceus; God himself!

How the hell do you top having God in your back pocket!?

Not to mention that I don’t think even a Master Ball should be able to work on a Pokémon of such enormous cosmic-tier power. I imagine the Master Ball rushing towards Arceus, and he turns and flings it back at you. Now you are HIS Pokémon, bitch!

mewI’m not suggesting these Pokémon shouldn’t be in the game, they definitely should, but a huge part of what made Pokémon explode in popularity in the early days, was the mystery of what else we might encounter, the mythical Pokémon we DON’T know about that may be lurking in our games. Mew and the glitched Missingno., not to mention the so called “PokéGods” like Psybird, Anthrax, Rainer, and Doomsday that were all at some point believed to be hiding in the code of the games. Why? Because if Mew could exist, despite Oak telling you that you had caught them all, then why couldn’t these?

Legendary Pokémon need to become the stuff of legends. Again, I’m making a comparison to the Anime, where a Legendary Pokémon shows up randomly, you help it out with a side quest, it helps you out, you get to battle it like a level boss, and then whether you win or lose it saunters off into the sunset like the mysterious and majestic creature it’s supposed to be. You get a new entry in your Pokédex to show the world you were lucky enough to encounter one of these mysterious Legendaries, that maybe no one else has encountered. It’s been said that you can’t recreate the Mew and pokéGods experience in the modern world, because of the prevalence of the internet, I think you can. If people can’t agree on what Pokémon are even available in their games, because they can’t be caught and used in online battles, and all we have to go on are screenshots of Pokédex entries, that mystery will return, because until they see it for themselves, a lot of people will still be skeptical.


The number one thing that I want to see get a significant change are the gimmicks introduced in each new Pokémon game. Things like the Underground, Pokéballs made from nuts, Pokémon following your character around and the PokéWalker. Now, don’t misunderstand, I don’t dislike the gimmicks, quite the contrary. I think most of them are fantastic, and THAT’S the problem after a couple of games, they are often removed.

Recently, since Gen 4 at the very least, when they reveal new gimmicks I’m less likely to be impressed, and instead ask the question “Ok, so what cool stuff did they remove?”. Especially now, seeings as none of the trailers of Pokémon Sun and Moon have shown any Mega Evolutions. Have they really given up on that concept already, after making Mega forms for so many Pokémon? Now, in what appears to be a replacement, we have Z-Moves, which seem great and all, but Mega Evolutions shouldn’t be the price we have to pay. It really feels like a downgrade.

EDIT: Bloody typical, I would talk about how it seems like they may be dropping Mega-Evolutions, ONT THE DAY THEY REVEAL NEW MEGA EVOLUTIONS!

These trailers should make me excited for the new stuff, not fear for the old. With a rebooted franchise, on a more powerful system there is an opportunity, to include a bunch of these gimmicks, as series staples from here on out.

You know what, Eight New and Returning Gimmicks/Features for future Pokémon games sounds like a good idea for another article, so I’ll leave that one where it is, and we’ll come back to this in a future PixelEight!

And Finally…

Thank you all for reading brothers and sisters, sorry it’s taken so long to actually get this out to you. What was meant to be a two part article, released over the course of three days, has found itself taking a lot longer to produce than I anticipated. Especially seeing I’d “finished” this article when I posted the first part. As I mentioned in a recent Frog Blog however, there were a few things I really wasn’t happy with when going over the last four entries, and ended up starting a rewrite of the whole thing, and I finally got it finished today! Go me!

This article was inspired by the Pokémon The End reboot theory that I’ve been working on with YouTuber Lockstin, who has also done his own list of things that he would like to see done differently in a rebooted Pokémon franchise, which you can watch right here.

If Pokémon is getting a reboot, what would you like to see them do differently? Do you think that my entries would make for a good game? Give your thoughts in the comments below, I’m always interested in seeing what people like about game franchises, and the things that they might have done differently.

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