Let’s Talk About: Boogie2988 opens up about knowing people who have worked with the Nintendo NX!

For the past five months or so, I’ve been wanting to write something regarding the Nintendo NX. Whether it be attempting to debunk or prove some of the myths, or just making a statement on the current state of the NX and Nintendo’s wall of silence, which I actually included in my article about a Game Skinny interview that was censored, albeit in a minor way, for mentioning Nintendo’s next big console. For a lot of people Nintendo’s outright refusal to talk about the NX, and their – admittedly – rare censorship of people who do talk about it in a semi-official capacity, has brought them closer and closer to breaking point, and many others have already given up on the system and Nintendo entirely.

However, for the first time since all this speculation began, we may have a clear cut, yet unofficial, statement regarding some of the features of the Nintendo NX.

Steven Williams, known and loved by many on YouTube as Boogie2988, recently posted a video of a panel he hosted at Retropalooza, during which he talks about knowing someone in Ubisoft, who has is currently working on the Nintendo NX, and has spoken to a second person, who is quoted as saying something rather interesting.

I’ll post the video here, but it is over an hour long, so I don’t expect you to watch the whole thing here mid article. If you want to cut straight to the Nintendo NX talk, you can find that at around the thirty-three minute mark, which in theory this video should start at.

Firstly Boogie responds to the question, saying that Nintendo really need to get on the ball, make the console easy to code for, support the YouTube community who want to play their games, and entice back the third-party developers, otherwise this console will fail. I can’t argue with any of that, he’s spot on!

He also brings up an excellent point regarding Nintendo products, and it’s a point that I agree with wholeheartedly. I don’t care if the NX is under powered, I’m not interested in 4k 60+FPS, what I’m looking for, and what I’ve always looked for in Nintendo products, is the Nintendo spark. It’s the innovation, the Nintendo first party games, if I were looking for anything else, I’d already have a PS4 by now. For everything else, there’s PC. I love those games that Nintendo put out, I love those worlds and those characters, and that will be why, no matter what other consoles are in the house, or how powerful my PC gets there will ALWAYS be a Nintendo console, either in front of my TV, or on my hip.

Anyway, let’s get to the meat of this piece. Boogie then lets it be known that he has spoken to at least two people who have played/worked on the Nintendo NX.

I talked to two people who’ve used it, one is somebody from Ubisoft, and he said programming for it is actually really nice and Nintendo has been working very closely with them and that the concept is great. Because, he said you could play – I don’t know how careful I should be here but – let’s say you could play Assassin’s Creed once you have your handheld plugged into your console, and then you can detach the thing and take it with you and play the Assassin’s Creed mobile game out of your pocket, and then when you get back home plug it directly in. And now it attaches back the the… That’s brilliant, that’s smart. You take the form of the game with you as you go.

There have been rumours around and about for a long time about Ubisoft, not being particularly careful about what they say in regards to the NX. The first thing I heard about the NX was about dropping games into the Nintendo NX compiler, and it apparently working first time everytime. Apparently, dropping finished games in also worked. The example then was also Assassin’s Creed which made the link to Ubisoft pretty clear. I’ll be honest I find a lot of the Ubisoft representatives to be pretty unprofessional, like Aisha Tyler for example, there were times at E3 that she was just down right vulgar. So when I heard months ago that Ubisoft had let slip that they had been working on the NX, and that it was like a dream, I had no problems believing it. I just thought to myself “Yep, if anyone was going to leak anything…”

So right now, I have no reason to doubt what Boogie is saying. Though I wonder if there may be some fall out should this video get back to Big N. If this is legit, it certainly gives us some idea of how the system is going to work.

It’s actually the next statement, the second person that interested me. Boogie says:

And then somebody I know who’s played on the NX for 20 minutes said… It’s as innovative as they’d hoped and “we wish we had done that.”

A statement like “we wish we had done that.” doesn’t strike me as something that would be said by a developer or office worker at a development studio. This is something said by someone who has likely had some say in the development of consoles. Could this be someone from Sony or Microsoft that Boogie has had the opportunity to meet?

This is really interesting because if competitors have already seen or even played on an NX, then Nintendo aren’t keeping this wall of silence up to stop competitors from stealing ideas. This was something said at the Share Holder’s meeting, it’s been Nintendo’s philosophy for a long time, but this brings a lot of things into question. Developers MUST have development copies of the NX by now. Potential competitors have possibly made mention that they wish they had come up with the idea for their consoles, after playing it for twenty minutes. Nintendo, the only people you seem to be keeping the NX from is you customers!

What in Arceus holy name are you doing?

Boogie finishes that response by referring to rumours of a Smash Brothers game and a Pokémon game coming out along side Breath of the Wild at launch, but of course that’s just the rumours and not based on what people in the know have spoken to him about.

And this is where I’ll finish this segment too, I want to end by saying, there are a lot of rumours out there, and it’s easy to be taken in by something that sounds good and it supports what you want to hear, but we must always be skeptical. Even what Boogie has said here, and that’s not calling him a liar, that’s just saying, with all statements like thsi, that are undocumented and not cited, we need to take it with a grain of salt. Boogie may have embellished the story, he may have made a mistake or misunderstood what was being said, he may have been lied too. We won’t know for certain until the NX is officially revealed, which could be very soon.

One last nugget comes from Squish Turtle, who posted an article on October 1st, stating that Nintendo is likely to reveal the NX on October 21st, via a pre-recorded Nintendo Direct. Their reasoning isn’t based on leaks, rumours or actually being told by Nintendo that this is the day things will be going down, but through a little inductive reasoning.

October 21st, 2016 is the fifth anniversary to the day, of the Nintendo Direct announcement format. The October time period has been used by Nintendo over the past four year years to announce big titles such as Mario Kart 7, Animal Crossing and Monster Hunter, in time for Christmas. Last year was an anomaly where Nintendo didn’t do an October announcement at all, but this is likely due tot he sudden passing of Iwata-san.

If this is going to be the fateful day it means we only have another two weeks to wait. Which is fine by me.

Peace and High Scores!