News: Stardew Valley gets a huge update!

As I mentioned in the news story about the Story of Seasons preorder bonus, I really enjoy farming simulators, and in my humble opinion Stardew Valley is the best game on the market today. Though, capybara’s will be the main mascot and pet of Trio Of Towns, so Stardew Valley may have to up their game.

Oh would you look at that, they already have!

One of the reasons that Stardew Valley is such a great game is that it’s sole developer Eric Barone, is constantly producing new updates and fixes, and is in among the community listening to what the consumer wants from the game, and the latest update, Stardew Valley 1.1 is the biggest update yet!

Check out just some of the things that are featured in the launch trailer:

The Stardew Valley 1.1 change log, which can be found here, is extensive to say the least, with over fifty new updates to the game including new relationship options, updates to spouse daily routines, new crops and produce, farm building and house upgrades, but what is possibly the biggest game changer of the update is the addition of four new farm types. Each one is a new and different property, for you to try your hand at maintaining the farm under very different circumstances. When you boot up a new game you’ll be given the option of the five available farms, the original and the four new ones, all of which significantly change the way you have to approach the game. The four new farms are:

Riverland Farm: This farm really  lives up to it’s name, with a river flowing through the property, this gives you less locations to plant your crops, but can be used for fishing.

Forest Farm: This farm opens up into a little grove like area, where you can forage for fruits, berries and mixed seeds, for a diverse and eclectic farm.

Hilltop Farm: Situated on a rocky hill, this farm is a more uneven with elevations, rocks and mineral deposits. This means that while again, you have less room for actual farming, mining becomes a much bigger focus and you don’t have to travel half way across the map every day to do it!

Wilderness Farm: Ever wanted a farm that’s like something out of Night of the Living Dead? That’s the Wilderness farm! Every night monsters spawn for you to fight and collect their drops.

My first port of call is going to be either the Hilltop or Riverland farm, while I’m not too good at the fishing in this game, there’s something soothing about having a river on your property. As for the Hilltop farm, I really enjoy the mining aspect, and it’s a good way to make money.

As well as all of this excellent new content, there is the usual array of bug fixes and balancing tweaks, that just tighten up the game that little bit more. Not that it wasn’t already pretty well polished!

I expect to start losing days again when I get back into Stardew Valley, so if you don’t hear from me in a few days, send help with a crowbar to pry me off my PC!

Peace and High Scores!