News: Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash revealed!

It’s not often you’ll find me talking about a PS4 game, but every now and again, it just kinda happens. And this most certainly just happened!

The next game in the Senran Kagura series will be taking a pretty huge diversion from the norm. Usually, these incredibly talented and busty all-female shinobi warriors, battle it out with waves upon waves of mooks, in the “mash X until you thumb bleeds” genre of beat-em-up gaming; made popular by the Warriors series of games. (Samurai Warriors, Dynasty Warriors, hyrule warriors, etc.) However, in an unexpected twist, but not outside the realms of believably for this series, the Senran Kagura girls will be kicking a different kind of ass, as they participate in the an… uh… “ancient tradition”, of the water gun tournament as revealed in the most recent issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine.


Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash, will a third person shooter, where teams of five of the shinobi, selected from a pool of thirty girls we’ve all come to know and love, battle it out for watery supremacy! Previous team affiliations of the Good and Evil Shinobi schools, as well as their signature special moves and fighting styles have been taken away, and their outfits and weapons have been replaced with bikinis and a wide range of different types of water guns. There are ten water gun classes in all, ranging from pistols, to rifles to even gatling guns and bazookas, all of which can be upgraded, by collecting cards that drop in game. These cards also help advance the Senran Kagura girls themselves, by giving them access to new, water focused special moves and abilities.

Though a number of people are describing this as “Splatoon with boobs” the similarities seems to begin and end with the choice of including water guns. Otherwise the game appears to be very similar in it’s gameplay to that of the rest of the series, but with a focus on ranged combat rather than getting up close and personal.

And yes, this is entirely in cannon with the series! Series producer Kenichiro Takaki said in an interview with Famitsu that this is a continuation of the Senran Kagura overall story, and not a completely unrelated side venture.

There are also a number of DLC packs being planned for release in the future, that will add more storylines, costumes and characters, including the possibility of characters from other collaborating franchises. In the previous entry in the series, Senran Kagura: Estival Versus, Dead or Alive character Ayane appeared as a special collaboration character, and I’m hoping to see more of the same with Peach Beach Splash. in addition a VR mode is being discussed as a possible future update.

In what has become staple for the franchise, as well as the standard edition of the game, there will also be the “Nyuu Nyuu DX Pack Limited Edition” and the “Nyuu Nyuu 5 Year DX Pack Super Limited Edition”.


The Nyuu Nyuu DX Pack Limited Edition will contain:

  • The game disk for Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash with exclusive box art
  • Nararock Festival: game original sound track CD and a five year anniversary Blu-ray showing various animations from the series.
  • Hibarock Party: Artbook
  • Nyuu Nyuu special edition DLC set
    • Costumes: “Dripping Wet High School”, “Sparkling Rainbow Bikini; 7 Colour Set”
    • Weapon: “Futomaki Bazooka”
    • Companion Card: “Bebe-tan MKII”
    • Skill Card: “Nyuu Nyuu DX Set”


While the Super Limited Edition will contain all this with the Super Limited edition exclusive packaging and a life-sezed “oppai” mouse mat of the character Yumi. No you didn’t misread that a life sized booby mouse mat, that weights about 2KG. Awesome.

Play Asia is currently advertising all three variants of the game on their website, however it seems that the Super Limited version has already sold out.

Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash is set for a Japanese release on March 16th, 2017. No information is currently available on if or when an English release will become available. However, here’s a gallery of screenshots and art for you!

And Finally…

I haven’t done an “And Finally…” segment on recent news articles, but there is a little bit more to this story!

In the above mentioned interview – the bullet point take-aways of which were translated by Gematsu – Takaki-san also talks about another Senran Kagura action game that is already in development. The intent for the next game is to combine the various worlds of the Senran Kagura series include characters from the New Wave series. The game is to be more accessible to new players, while also providing the challenge that long time fans have come to enjoy. This sounds like it could be a very interesting game, with a bunch of changes, and what sounds like a soft reboot.

I’ll be keeping my eyes open for more information on this new game!

Peace and High Scores!