The luck just keeps on rolling…

Hey there brothers and sisters welcome back to another Frog Blog, I am as always Andy Frogman: The Priest of Gamers, and despite being awake for three going on four days, with roughly an hour sleep, I’m doing pretty darn good!

20161007-001To try and help with my horrible sleeping habits, I that we should take a drive and a wander around to hopefully help me feel sleepy, not just exhausted. Not far away from where we live there is an EB Games/Zing, our version of GameStop, which used to have a large box, jam packed full of older sets of Pokémon and Magic The Gathering boosters, and they were pretty cheap, some of them down to half price. So I figured, seeing as we were getting back into Pokémon, we should go check it out and buy a few cheap packs. Sadly, when we got there the box was gone, apparently they sold out of the older sets a while back. Oh well, seeing as we were already there we took a look around, picked up a couple of things, and were on our way.

Mystery Boxes of Mysterious Mystery!

If you remember back to another Frog Blog I wrote, I talked a bit about my luck when it comes to blind boxes and grab bags, and how I’ve never personally bought a mystery item, and received something I didn’t want, or didn’t like. To the best of my knowledge at least. I even talked a bit about how that luck seemed to extent to Pokémon Cards when I opened my Generations Elite Trainer boxes. Well today was no different!

From that other blog post, I quote:

With the kind of luck I’ve been having with these blind boxes, I’m somewhat inclined to pick up a Best of Bethesda Mystery Box on the off chance I get DOOM Guy or the Revenant Demon. It could happen.

Well, it kinda did! I decided I would go for it, and pick up a Best of Bethesda blind box, and without looking I picked one up out of the Bethesda box, handed it over and paid for it. The guy at the counter was pretty excited to see what I got too, apparently, he’s never seen anyone pull a Doomguy. He even said, if it’s not one that I want, he’d give me one retry and he’d place the opened mini on with a bunch of other minis he had opened for display. Good guy.

So he hands me back the box and we’re still talking about my hopes that it’s somethign from DOOM, when Qeeko said “Well it’s got DOOM written on it.”. At first I was confused, no it doesn’t, It says Bethesda. So I looked down, and she was right. It wasn’t a Bethesda box, it was a GameStop US exclusive DOOM Mystery Box. But there was nothing mysterious about it, this was a Cyberdemon box!


I’d been looking at the Cyberdemons on ebay, and in order to get one of these over to Australia, it would have set me back about $70AU, and here I had one; new in box.

As I reasoned to Qeeko, if I had seen this box, I would have bought it anyway, so I may as well get another random one, which is what I’d psyched myself up to buy. Apparently that worked, so I bought a random one. The guy behind the till is leaning forward to see over the counter as I open the box, and I reach in to grab th bag, and as I do a smile comes across my face. Both Qeeko and the clerk ask me, things like “can you feel it?” or “Is it Doomguy?”.

No, not Doomguy. It was the Revenant Demon!


I tell you my luck is going strong!

However, it’s not only the thrill of feeling like I’m winning by opening these boxes. I mean, that certainly exists, but it’s not something I’m going to become addicted to. I’m excited because I absolutely fell in love with DOOM (2016). I was already a fan of the older games, but the new DOOM was mind blowing, and I want to surround myself with things that I enjoy, from a game that I love, and there really isn’t any DOOM merchandise out there. There’s a Revenant Statue that comes with the Collectors Edition, the Art of DOOM hardcover, and there’s a 13″ DOOM Guy plus gear coming next year.

So getting these little figurines are like icons to a game that I love. Icons of Sin, if you will.

There’s still a DOOM Guy and a Pinky with my name on them though, so I’m going to keep trying!

Boosted Boosters of Boosting!

As you can see in the photo, I also grabbed two Pokémon TCG boosters (Fates Collide and Steam Siege) and a new folder. I actually bought a folder on Sunday, but after getting home I discovered a stack of foils that I hadn’t put away and suddenly I’m out of folder space again.

Opening the Fates Collide booster was no big deal, nothing particularly special, but when I opened my Steam Siege booster, I was met with more good news; a Steelix EX, and Steelix Spirit Link cards! In the Steam Siege Elite Trainer Box, I picked up the Mega Steelix EX, and I’ve been wanting to build a deck around it. It’s pretty tanky Pokémon that deals some epic damage, and some damage to all Pokémon on the opponant’s  to the bench too, but to use it I need the Steelix EX, and preferably spirit link to use it effectively. Perfect pull!

Well… almost perfect, I’m going to still keep my eye out for one or more of these.

Safe Storage of Storing Safely!

pikachucardboxSince Sunday I’ve been working on a side project for a friend. On Saturday night, our games night, he noted that we kept all out cards in specific card boxes, and wanted to know where he could get one, seeing as he had previously only been keeping his cards in shoeboxes and tupperware containers.  For those out there who are wondering, yes it makes a big difference. The storage boxes made from acid free cardboard, as the acid in most cardboard can damage card art over time, turning them yellow and significantly lowering the value of rare cards. I told him where he could get one of the boxes and I offered to take him down on Sunday, if he wasn’t busy. Sadly he was, but that gave me an idea.

He had also noted that my storage box is decorated. So I got a plan to buy him a box, and draw his favourite Pokémon, Sceptile, on the lid for him.

It started off really well, I’d never drawn a Sceptile before, but I was very happy with the result. Next came the inking and this is where the story would have ended. However, I made a booboo, and accidentally inked over lines that were supposed to be hidden behind another part of Sceptile’s body.


Art I was happy with and the lid of a card box, gone to waste!

I thought it over for a bit and came up with another idea, I would paint over the mistake in white. Yeah it stands out a little bit, but it’s better than leaving the lines in right? Well that would have been the case if I hadn’t made a second booboo and painted over the wrong lines. Well I can’t ink over the paint so I figured screw it, paint the whole thing!

So I did.


As I said, this is the first time I’ve ever drawn Sceptile, and it’s the first time I’ve painted anything like this in years, probably close to a decade. So with that in mind, I think it came out pretty well. Oh and incase anyone else is wondering, I used water-based acrylics, rather than oils. The cards should be quite safe.

I gave it to him tonight and he seemed pretty happy with it!

And Finally…

What do you guys think of my blog cover images? I’m really happy with how these past two have turned out, and I’m learning a lot about how to knit images together a lot better. What other horror games should I put myself into for other blog post updates during October? Post your suggestions in the comments below!

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Peace and High Scores!