You’ve Got Mail: Rebirth!

Welcome to You’ve Got Mail! My name is Qeeko, and this is the place on the site where we answer your emails, open real life snail mail letters but most of all; unbox packages and cool new things we pick up.

Anyone not old enough to remember when the phrase “you’ve got mail” first became a thing, it’s from a long since day, when email was starting to get picked up as a popular form of communication, if you had the internet and didn’t want to go to the trouble of applying those dang stamps. Yet oddly enough, email has not overtaken the joy of receiving actual physical mail that needs to be delivered by another human being. Still, I will answer emails and maybe even letters (we’re working towards opening a PO Box on Patreon!), although the majority of what I’ll be doing is unveiling special things I’ve been looking forward to receiving, like statues, accessories and figurines, and opening mystery boxes of usually game or pop culture related items.

For example, I’ve been receiving the monthly subscription box Arcade Block for roughly two years now, filling every month with a surprise of 4-5 gaming themed swag that I then review in quality, usefulness and overall, satisfaction of variety. For the Sept 2016 Arcade Block I discovered some super awesome items to use in my daily life; first, a set of three Mario powerup item plastic clips for closing chip bags or anything else you need to seal (and with magnets to stick them to the fridge) and secondly an adorable usb hub that looks like a mini Sega Genesis. These things are great and are my favorite kinds of inclusions for random gear, something high quality and interesting to look at while serving a purpose outside of just taking up space. What wasn’t so exciting, at least personally, was the Retro Magazine’s Replay vol.1 edition mag, taking some of their favorite articles and collecting them into a special issue, and an Assassins Creed Mega Bloks minifig. And in every box features an exclusive t-shirt provided by daily-shirt site Shirt Punch. This one has a neat print of various retro gaming controllers from NES to Dreamcast, and certainly caught my interest more.

After that, the Oct 2016 Block followed with a Gears of War shirt to continue the battle against nakedness and was joined by more apparel in the form of Star Fox tube socks! But why stop there, there’s also another great wearable item, an enamel pin of the NES Zapper gun, perfect for every outfit. What else we got in here? If you’re into Five Nights at Freddy’s then you might take a shine to the Balloon Boy buildable mini block figure, and there’s also free beta codes for the new game Dropzone. And, not only can you decorate yourself, but sometimes in these boxes you’ll get cool stuff to hang on your walls, like a Super Mario Kart wall poster. Wrapping up this mixed box of loot is a random Arkham Knight action figure. I got Robin, and while this may be cool for others I’m not actually too thrilled about it. Oh, and did I mention? Other than the Arkham Knight figure, everything else in the box was exclusive to Arcade Block. Sometimes, especially when the quality is high, this can be the only way to get some really cool and rare stuff.

Unboxings won’t be limited to this kind of stuff though and maybe in the future we will include highlights from trading card unboxings, long awaited Nendoroids or even hard to obtain stuff like retro consoles or crowd sourced rewards. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy all future unboxings!

If you want to help us improve this project, and send us letters, please check out the Let Us Play Patreon page, where you can help fund the acquiring of a P.O. Box, as well as just contribute the the site over all.

Next time I’ll be back with an all new Arcade Block unboxing!

See ya then!