Breath of the Wild Timeline Theories Explained!


Hello there people of Let Us Play, I am Lockstin, just a guy who makes game theory videos on the YouTubes. As of today I will start posting all of my collaboration videos with Andy, the venerated Priest of Gamers, on this very site!

I started working with Andy some time ago, during the Pokémon The End series of theories, and he helped me greatly with a lot of the religious symbolism, specifically the references to the prophesies of the end times as according to the Christian Bible. This one though, is the first video written by Andy, and is just the start of many more to come, I’m sure. There are already a number of ideas we’ve been playing with, both in the Legend of Zelda franchise and beyond.

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A massive thank you to Andy, a super Zelda expert, for the help with this video, and my editor Addison.

Thanks again, and never stop using that gnoggin!