News: A Kings Tale: Final Fantasy XV Getting Free Release! [UPDATED]

Final Fantasy XV is one of the most widely broadcast games in recent memory. Not only is the game a spectacular work of art, with an interesting and touching story, that really drags you into the lives of the characters, but they backed it up with a plethora of additional media, to enrich the story, characters and world of the Final Fantasy XV universe. One such additional media was a side game called “A King’s Tale”. Where in we play the adventures of King Regis, as he regales the story to his son, Prince Noctis, of his younger days, taking place some thirty years before Final Fantasy XV.

Initially this game was only available as a preorder bonus for Final Fantasy XV in many places, but it’s been revealed by European Distributor, Koch Media, that A King’s Tale will be receiving a release  to the Playstation Network Store, and the Xbox Live Store. What’s more it’s going to be entirely free!

At the moment it’s not certain as to whether or not the game will be free world wide, or if it’ll be for everyone, or just for owners of Final Fantasy XV. Though the latter does seem to be the most likely scenario.

For a simple spin-off game, A King’s Tale is a surprisingly robust side scrolling beat-em-up, with fast paced action, charming pixel graphics, and deep story that explores the relationship between King Regis and prince Noctis, establishing a strong bond between the father and son, long before the world turned upside down for them. As you travel through the great central city of Insomnia, battling invading monsters alongside Weskham, Cid and Clarus, the young prince makes comments and asks questions about his fathers story, revealing the reverence Noctis had for his father, and love they shared.

While Final Fantasy XV can be enjoyed without any of this additional content, A King’s Tale adds an extra level of context to the already incredibly emotional game.

A Kings Tale becomes available for free download on March 1st.

[UPDATE]: Square Enix of North America, has also confirmed that A King’s Tale will be available for free for everyone in North America also, and not just customers who have purchased a copy of Final Fantasy XV. There has been no confirmation for other regions just yet, but considering this is confirmed for Europe and north America, it seems a safe bet that other regions will also receive this free game.

Source: DualShockers