News: Three new 30th Anniversary Legend of Zelda Amiibo on the way?


This is something that has kinda been out there for a while, but I’ve not seen anyone else really talk about it. So here I am!

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the latest game to be compatible with Nintendo’s toys-to-life range; Amiibo. As of right now, every Amiibo that has been released to date are compatible with the game with a variety of different outcomes. Amiibo depicting characters from the Legend of Zelda franchise have particular special effects, while all other Amiibo can each be tapped once per day for a random selection of cooking ingredients. Some of these special effects include summoning Wolf Link using the Wolf Link Amiibo, summoning Epona using the Smash Brothers Link Amiibo, or receiving rare chest drops that can contain armour sets relating to those characters. Want your Link to run around without pants like in the old days, just keep tapping that 8-Bit Link Amiibo everyday and eventually you’ll get pieces of the Hero’s armour set, allowing you dress Link in Breath of the Wild as he was depicted in the artwork for the original Legend of Zelda: The Hyrule Fantasy. (From now on I’ll be calling the original Legend of Zelda “The Hyrule Fantasy”, to not have to clarify when I say “Legend of Zelda” that I mean the original one, all the time.)

However, some savvy gamers with a PowerTag (a programmable NFC device that can be used to simulate Amiibo) discovered other armour sets in game when cycling through NFC signals. These armour sets were exclusive to these NFC signals, but did not represent any Amiibo that currently exist.

Reddit user ShugoTakahashi, posted all of his findings to the board, creating a growing guide of what items different Amiibo will drop. During the investigation another Reddit user, MrCheeze, data minded the game, discovering that there are in fact three more sets, which are believed to be connected to the Legend of Zelda 30th Anniversary set. These three Amiibo would represent Skyward Sword Link, Twilight Princess Link and the Fierce Deity from Majora’s Mask.

So far Nintendo has not announced more Amiibo for this line, however the fact that this code currently exists in game, is a strong indicator that these new Amiibo will be coming in the near future. It should also be noted that just because only three Amiibo have been discovered in this way, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be further compatibility in the future, as the game receives updates. New updates means more possibilities to include armour sets and other goodies.

I’ve had some complaints about the way that Nintendo have gone about including easter eggs in Breath of the Wild, there’s a lot of hollow name drops with nothing to really make it feel like there was some substance to the reference. They never take it that one step further, to reward the fans that recognise the names and locations. While the inclusion of the Feirce Deity costume is cool, again they missed the opportunity to take it one step further and instead of having an armour set, actually include an incredibly rare single use Mask item, that transforms you into the Fierce Deity, for ten to twenty minutes, significantly boosting your strength, speed and resistance.

Some Amiibo that I would be looking forward to in this line are A Link To The Past Link, gotta get some pink hair up in here, and Princess Midna. Maybe Midna can give an exclusive Mirror of Twilight shield, that reflects magic, or a Twilight Beast companion that acts like Wolf Link. But what about you guys, what other characters from the past thirty years of Zelda history would you like to see immortalised in plastic, and what abilities or items would you like to see them impart on our Wild-bound Link?

Tell me about your ideas int he comments below!

Peace and High Scores!