News: Monster Hunter Stories Gets Western Release in Q3!

What, you didn’t think I would miss Monster Hunter Stories did you?

This one has certainly been a long time coming.

I’ve been following the saga of Monster Hunter stories ever since I first saw the original teaser for it back in 2015, and the biggest question on everyones mind has been, will this get a Western release?

Monster Hunter has seen a huge swell of success in the West since the release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and yet, a number of the games outside of the main series never make it over to the western audience. Even after the games release in Japan, there was no talk about working on an English version, leaving many fans of the Monster Hunter series concerned.

However, I’ve been pretty hopeful, and it seems that hope has paid off. Capcom had already made a big deal of the game with the sheer amount of YouTube coverage the game got on their channel, and the anime series that was also produced, but the thing that really tipped me off was the Amiibo. Ever since they were announced I’ve been 99.9% certain that the game would see a release outside of Japan, because Nintendo have so far not created an Amiibo exclusively for any one region. All Amiibo are available in every region, and so, if Nintendo were making Amiibo for Monster Hunter Stories, it stands to reason that they are going to attempt to make the best possible returns on that investment.

Finally, during the Nintendo Direct we have confirmation on the release of Monster Hunter Stories in Q3 2017!

Unlike previous Monster Hunter games, Monster Hunter Stories has you take the role, not of a hunter, but as a rider, someone who lives in harmony with some monsters rather than just hunting them for parts. At the beginnign of the game you are given a Bond Stone from completing a trial, and from there you explore your world, you discover new areas, secrets and collect monster eggs found in the wild, to hatch and raise new partners. However, that’s not to say this game is all sunshine and lollipops, after all, there are still plenty of wild monsters out there, and a dark presence that threaten the safety of the village and it’s people, and you must work with your monster partners to discover the source of this danger, and defeat it.

This game has a much stronger focus on it’s story (duh…) and adventure, rather than single hunts, that we’ve come to know, but I believe it’s a welcome change, as we get to explore a very different aspect of the Monster Hunter world, from a completely new perspective. I’ve been looking forward to this game for a long time, and I’m really glad we finally have a ballpark idea of when we’re getting a release.

Now if only they had also mentioned Monster Hunter XX.

Peace and High Scores!

  • Kyle Yager

    It sounds interesting, though a bit time consuming when I’ve already got a busy schedule >.<